the ma-uri® massage

the ma-uri® massage

originally from New Zealand, the ma-uri® massage is a unique massage that requires extensive training and a great deal of practice. our masseuse Szilvi is graduated from l’institut ma-uri®, centre ma-uri® healing arts in denmark and new zealand and recommends this massage for its efficiency, its relaxing virtues and its originality. in fact, in europe, it is offered in only a few establishments. this is a unique opportunity for you: try the ma-uri® chetzeron massage in front of the highest peaks of the alps.

ma-uri® massage is a therapeutic body massage using warm oil. characterised by long and continuous movements to the rhythm of the music, it resembles a dance. it relieves physical and emotional tension, deeply relaxes the muscles, cares for the joints and revitalises the body. during the massage, the practitioner is constantly in movement and follows a kind of choreography. the forearms are used all over the body and create a continuous flow of energy while activating the body’s regenerative powers.

this massage technique was created in the 1990s by the New Zealand Maori shaman Hemi Fox and his wife, Katja Fox. it is based on ancient polynesian healing techniques and huna’s philosophy. the huna is the entire shamanic belief system and Hawaiian wisdom. huna” comes from the word “hu” which refers to movement, dynamics and chaos and “na” means tranquillity, absence of movement, calmness”. huna’s philosophy represents a kind of balance of power and favours personal development as well as a flexible and creative approach to life.

The ma-uri® massage then makes sense. Indeed, through this art that combines touch, movement and rhythm, “the ma-uri® practitioner seeks to be in harmony with the 12 principles that lead to excellence“. these 12 principles include breathing, concentration, rhythm, posture and all the elements needed to carry out an activity. after such a massage, body and mind are relieved of tension, filled with energy and ready to achieve great things.

we are proud to offer you this exclusive massage. at an altitude of 2112 m, it is a real invitation to travel and discovery that we offer you. thanks to her technique, Szilvi will take you with her to the Polynesian islands for a unique moment of relaxation.

kia ora !

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