in the immensity of space

from chetzeron, nature in all its splendour offers itself to you. the space is unlimited and the possibilities endless. in both summer and winter, numerous sports and leisure activities allow you to discover the mountains and their landscapes. resource yourself in the vastness of space.

the crans-montana region benefits from breathtaking and varied landscapes throughout the year. in spring, enjoy the first flowers coming out and the bees buzzing. green larch trees colour the landscape in summer and turn orange in autumn. in winter, the snow-covered mountain absorbs every noise and sublimes chetzeron.

our favourite hike

a 4-hour hike via bella lui and the violet hut (+/- 600 m)

the marmot trail

the crans-montana region has ideal soil for marmot burrows.

afternoon at the pool

our swimming pool on the roof of the hotel is heated throughout the year between 33 and 35°C.

visit to the mountain pasture of corbyre

a few kilometers from chetzeron, the mountain pasture of corbyre welcomes you at 7.15 for the exit of the cows.


crans-montana offers ideal paths for e-bike practice.

blue track of the bikepark

the blue run of the crans-montana bikepark starts at the foot of the hotel. isn’t this the perfect opportunity to test this new sport?

summer hikes

find all the hikes around chetzeron.

morning yoga

before 9.30 am, the space of our swimming pool is ideal for a morning yoga session, or even at sunrise!

peak enigma

a unique puzzle game in the heart of chetzeron, inspired by our history and integrated into our universe.

sunrise at chetzeron

a moment not to be missed under any circumstances!

the first descent of the day

by staying at chetzeron, you can enjoy the first descent of the day on a perfectly groomed piste.

snowshoe hike to merbé

a short 30-minute snowshoe hike to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of crans-montana!

sunset at bella lui

on ski touring, climb to the top of bella lui, from which you will enjoy a spectacular sunset.

introduction to freeride skiing

crans-montana is ideal for introduction to off-piste skiing. we would be happy to put you in touch with a local guide

ski touring

find all the hikes around chetzeron.

a playground without limits

chetzeron and its unique environment offers you an infinite playground. we will be happy to provide you with information and advice on the various possibilities. | +41 27 485 08 00


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